Æsir is a new premium mobile phone brand that creates limited-edition handsets in collaboration with leading designers. I wrote all the collateral for the debut handset, the Æ+Y designed by Yves Béhar. This included a teaser for Basel, a printed storybook and online content, and quick and full phone manuals.

The story of the handset. The storybook was a print item in the pack and used for digital content at www.aesir-copenhagen.com/home. It walks the owner through the design philosophy, functionality and feats of engineering that place this handset more in the realm of fine watchmaking than mobile phones.

I wrote a quick guide (in the pack) and a full guide (downloadable PDF) to the phone. The brief was to sound like a real person rather than an automaton. Using beta software, I followed every step and shortcut, flagged up errors and compiled a lexicon for the phone itself and the guides.

User manuals